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Our Values

#LiveableLimerick is a social movement of volunteers who love their city and want to bring about change to make it more liveable.

#liveablelimerick is ABOUT a community coming together for public fun events or campaigns and engaging under five key values;

(i) Long term Ambition
Creating a long term ambitious vision for a greener and cleaner Limerick and successful Mid-West region.

(ii) Desirability and Fun
Making Limerick city centre the most desirable, safe and fun place to live, work, shop and visit.

(iii) Inclusion
Cherishing and engaging all communities old and new, urban and rural, people of all ages and abilities.

(iv) People Focused
Designing best-in-class public realm and urban mobility strategies for all who use our city not just those who drive in cars.

(v) Valuing our Heritage
Enjoying our world class built heritage and protecting it for future generations.


Chairperson: John Moran

  • John Moran
  • Derek O’Dwyer
  • Donncha Ó ‘Treasaigh
  • Nicola McMahon
  • Grainne Walshe
  • Ivan Shaw
  • James Lawlor



YES to  #LIVEABLELIMERICK O’Connell Street Campaign

Our current campaign is to ensure the redevelopment of O’Connell Street by LUCROC* meets  world class principles and ambitions for our city. We reject the plans submitted to date, which lack ambition, vision and sustainability, as a poor use of public investment.

*LUCROC Limerick Urban Centre Revitalisaition O’Connell Street, Limerick City and County Council

We believe the upgrade of O’Connell St should form part of a wider plan for Newtown Pery (which runs from the Hunt Museum to Pery Square) and the city centre core.

Applying the YES to #Liveablelimerick values and principles, we propose the Superblock** concept for Limerick, an idea which takes heavy vehicular traffic congestion out of the historic core, allowing the streets and public spaces to be used by people and thus creating liveability.

**The Superblock concept was developed by Salvador Rueda, director of the Urban Ecology Agency of Barcelona.

Limerick Superblock 2

YES to #liveablelimerick wants

LCCC propose a generic design

A world class design with a plan for Newtown Pery, as a whole, using the Superblock concept.

The plan for O’Connell Street is designed in isolation, taking no account of the rest of Georgian Limerick.

Focus on communities living, working, visiting and shopping.

The plan focuses on retail and commercial and presents a commercial area, which has a river of traffic cutting through it.

Dynamic, fun and varied Public Space ‘‘The Narrative Way’.

O’Connell Street to be designed as a Public Space which celebrates Limerick’s unique story and culture.

The Crescent to be designed as a centerpiece public space worthy to showcase our valuable Georgian heritage to residents and visitors alike.

Bustling food and entertainment spaces could be integrated into a the street as a public space.

No public open space has been incorporated into plans from Roches Street upwards.

The Crescent has been designed to take two lanes of traffic and parking to one side.

Green Spaces with less granite and more greenery, incorporating, trees, plants, amenities and free for all seating, where people can connect with each other.

Generic design of streetscape with limited green spaces and public social spaces

Pedestrian priority*** for the Superblock, with a people focused design and easy access for all users, where traffic yields to pedestrians.

Shared cycle & pedestrian space on O’Connell Street, with limited car access.

Pedestrian Crossings where people yield to cars.

Urban Mobility Plan for the city centre, with an orbital public transport route, forming part of a wider Future Movement  Plan for the whole city.

Limited local traffic access to the Superblock, for residents, people with disabilities and emergency vehicles, with lower speeds to create a safer environment.

Timed access for delivery and removal of parking to dedicated parking zones within walking distance.

The proposed plan allows through traffic to continue using O’Connell Street as a short cut, 24/7.

The plan is car focused retaining two Lanes of One-Way traffic (Bus and cars) from Roches St. to Mallow St., which is proven to promote higher speeds, making the street both unfriendly to and dangerous for pedestrians.

It is proposed to retain much of the  on street parking and add additional loading loading bays.

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