Creating a Limerick Virtual Meitheal in response to Covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented our society with an unprecedented challenge.   We will get through this and recover.   But we have to work well together to lessen the impact on the more vulnerable in our society.

The coming days and weeks will require EVERYONE of us to help play our part to protect lives.  It is as simple as that.  We are in this together as a community.

Limerick has the Edge that is needed to take the right steps over the coming weeks. Limerick has the Embrace that is needed to show solidarity and support to all.

But we must do the RIGHT thing together!

Lots of people wanting to help and many need help.  We want now to help join the dots.

We want to help bring everyone together (virtually) and make our individual efforts most efficient.  To that end, Liveable Limerick have teamed up with a number of key Limerick stakeholders – we are creating our own Limerick virtual Meitheal.

Limerick Chamber, Limerick Post, Limerick Leader, Team Limerick Cleanup and Limerick Tidy Towns and the University of Limerick Students Union are all on board. You can be too.

What is the Virtual Meitheal?

Many years ago, communities in Ireland came together to help their neighbours physically – to save hay, to foot turf, whatever.

This time, we need to limit our gathering in person.  But we can still work together.

This initiative will use technology to help disseminate key information and support programmes and volunteers from across our various communities in Limerick.

We do not have an army of our own.  We rely on everyone to get involved where they can.

Mapping Limerick

Working with Fintan Walsh of the Limerick Leader – -we are developing a #selfisolationhelp map.

This useful guide will help those looking for help to find the right volunteer nearby.

People have been letting us know already that they are available to help or are already actively doing so.  We want to build up and display that network.

We will shortly launch the map which will make it easier for you to see if there is a person in your neighbourhood who can help you.

You can also see if your neighbourhood is light on volunteers and put your hand up (virtually) to come on board and we can let others know you can help.

If you are not on twitter, email us on and we’ll try and make the connection.

How can you keep in touch?

As we develop the Limerick virtual Meitheal over the coming days we suggest that those of you who use social media also follow us @liveablelimk on Twitter.

Here on the website we’ll aim to provide regular daily updates with posts focussed on specific topics such as government guidelines, financial supports, health, mental, outdoor pursuits suggestions and basic information on how we all can safely get through this challenging period.

What information should you trust?

There is a lot of fake news.  Do not get stressed about it.

Make an attempt to gather your news from trusted and reputable sources.

We will try and help by our daily postings on this website on via our social media channels to point you in the right direction.

What have we done so far?

We were very worried people were not taking the risks to public health seriously.  We think most people now realise they have to play their part.

Already our partners at UL Student Life have received a fantastic response to their #virtualpub and #stayhome campaign, campaigns that has encouraged students and young people to respect government advice by avoiding large gatherings and ‘house parties’.  Why not try one for yourself and your friends?

This message has to continue to resonate until we have beaten this virus.

Next steps?

We want this Virtual Meitheal to be a cross community partnership for Limerick county.

If you can play your part in any way we want to hear from you. If you need and assistance we are here for you.   Please feel free to email us at

We will overcome this like other challenges working together.

The Limerick spirit is one of working together and looking out for our neighbours. With your help we will do our best to ensure we get through this challenge better and stronger as a community with the very least number of casualties we can manage.


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