The Covid-19 pandemic has presented our society with an unprecedented challenge.   But make no mistake, we will get through this Limerick and recover quickly.

The coming days and weeks will require EVERY ONE of us to help play our part to protect lives.  It is as simple as that.  We are in this together and stronger as one community.

Together, we have teamed up to make ours and your individual efforts most efficient.

If you need help, to find an open pharmacy, to get someone to delivery you food, or you’ve run of gas for your heat and need someone to help, use the map to find the right help or volunteer nearby. 

People have been letting us know already that they are available to help or are already actively doing so.  We are starting to map them all.

Click on the map below and see if your neighbourhood is light on volunteers and put your hand up (virtually) to come on board and we can let others know you can help.

Email us on info@liveablelimerick.com, follow @liveablelimk or any of our partners and we’ll try and make the connection.

Limerick has the Edge that is needed to take the right steps over the coming weeks. Limerick has the Embrace that is needed to show solidarity and support to all.

Lots of people are out there wanting to help and many need help.  We want now to help join the dots.